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Laptop Keyboard Repair Services In Delhi NCR

Keyboard is important part of any computer/laptop, it should work properly because almost each function depend upon it. If keyboard is not working properly or its some button is not working, then call to us, we would come at your doorstep, however the computer be any of brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung etc. Computer Repair Home Service has certified technician of all brands who are able to serve your computer’s errors. We use best resistor, capacitor, motherboard and connecting wires. What could be problem in your laptop related to keyboard. We fix all things like lighting keypad in which two circuit work-one for light & other for the commanding to function. Computer Repair Home service provides better repairing service at affordable pricing with offering 3 month warranty on keyboard.

How We Fix Keyboard or Motherboard?

When you call us at the given number on website, we send our expert to your home within one hour. First up, he would check keyboard, if any keyboard will be not working then technician would be repaired that part. But if motherboard would not be working, he have to change motherboard. We purchase highest quality circuit of various brands, and we will fix this error with suitable brand motherboard to your computer.

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